Communication Designer | Visual Storyteller | Pupcake Baker
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Bio of an Ordinary Day

One of my all-time fave words:   Dang

One of my all-time fave words: Dang

As an award-winning creative communication professional, mixed-media artist, photographer, and on occasion,... a darn fine pupcake baker, I am a creative.

I share my studio with five of the funniest and most life-loving, shelter-rescued, man’s best friends… ever. Never too far out of reach, is always a cookie jar filled with peanut butter dog cookies, a half-filled mug of room temperature coffee, several vintage film cameras, and probably a guitar. Heck… maybe even two.

The path I follow is really pretty fundamental. I welcome the challenges of each new day, creatively document the experience as I see it, and do my best to leave plenty of goodness along the way.