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instant photography

On a warm Saturday morning, I took a chance and purchased a Polaroid SX-70 camera at a rural roadside yard sale. I'd wanted one since I was a child. My $5 purchase sparked a fascination and love once again for the instant camera icon.

Since that morning, I've added other second hand Polaroid cameras to my collection. Each camera has their unique character, but one of my personal favorites is a pristine first series 1963 Model 100 Packfilm Polaroid Automatic Land Camera.

With the shutter not working, I purchased it with even more of a gamble than the SX-70. After days of repair research, I rolled up my sleeves and spent most of an entire weekend attempting to repair the faulty shutter. There were a couple of failed attempts, some frustrations, and an abundance of persistence. Then it happened, I brought her back to life.