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beautiful flaws of CaptureD Light


Like so many of my favorite songwriters, the most memorable photography for me does so by sharing an authentic essence of honesty and emotion.

It’s in those photographs where I discover things that may have otherwise gone unnoticed... just by opening my eyes.


Color of Vintage


Talk about a genuine soul. Taylor is exactly that. Even with the day’s record-breaking heat and humidity, she was idyllically cool in her vintage red sequins.

I love capturing spirit-filled souls.


Scattered Reflections


The most memorable photographs are seldom those with the sharpest amount of image detail or the one filled with the most radiant color. Those images that most often speak to me usually do so with unintended grit, beautiful flaws, and an unstaged real-life essence, one that draws me in and keeps me there. Those are the images with heart.

A successful photograph captures that very moment with sincere emotion.


Blues. the color of Life


It was a dimly lit night of guitar-laden blues that reached out from a stack of amplifiers to move, rattle and shake your soul. It was a stand-up, stomp your feet, celebrate life, sing to the top of your lungs because life is everything kinda rock and roll revival.

It’s Larkin Poe. It’s live. And all of it matters because this band is the real deal and the blues are an absolute gift.