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The Neverminds

The Neverminds

I added a sewing machine to my studio last week. It’s my new creative tool. I spent months researching numerous machines before finally committing to my Brother machine. A big thank-you to Angie at Little Voice for her great recommendations. Be sure to take a look at her wonderful creative work.

After purchasing my machine, it sat in the sealed box, in the middle of my office floor for two days before I finally opened it. Fear. Finally, hours into the late evening of day three and my rookiedom became overly ecstatic after spooling my very, VERY first bobbin.

My plan is to explore one of a kind non-traditional doll making. Yep, doll making, but not your sister's doll. My sketchbook already has several pages of designs, doodles, and ideas waiting for a little fabric and thread. The Neverminds are misfits. They dig late nights and love reading liner notes. They’re the culprits behind my new creative spin and each is made from recycled, discarded, "i don't want you anymore" clothing. They remind me of me.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have plenty to learn. I'm ready. The way I see it, with my diverse record collection and their loose threads, this new friendship may be the perfect calling for each of us.