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friday morning’s big shoe breakfast

Flipp Breakfast

Flipp Breakfast

Yesterday afternoon was sort of like being in the produce section of the grocery store and running into an old girlfriend that I hadn’t seen in a decade or maybe two. No. Wait. Actually it was more like stumbling into one of my favorite kick ass rock bands who I hadn’t heard from in way too long. Plus this was far sexier than any produce aisle and it came with liner notes.

While digging through my endless collection of music yesterday, my soul was kickstarted much the same way it was fifteen years ago with the all out guitar driven assault, punk angst, energy driving, and in your face rock and roll of FLIPP.

I was introduced the band when they opened for Cheap Trick’s 1997 tour. A friend gave me a heads up after seeing the tour a week earlier. He suggested I get to the show in time for the opening band. That’s all I needed to hear and trusted his call. I just went with it. From the time FLIPP took the stage in front of their wall of glittery Kustom Amps and punched the first power chord, I was all in. Sold. Done.

My life has changed a little bit since first seeing FLIPP. My passion for kick ass music however, has not. Re-listening to FLIPP’s library over the past day relit that same fuse that was sparked when I first heard the guys play “I Wish I Was a Planet” on that small stage in Richmond’s Floodzone. It was unbelievable. Today’s breakfast at my office included an orange, two cups of coffee, and Flipp’s back catalog. I stomped my Doc Martens under my desk a few times, loosened the collar on my button down, and threw my fist to the air on several occasions. Even wearing slacks, I’m happy to testify that Rock and Roll ain’t dead.

Although the band hasn’t played in several years, FLIPP, for me, remain a real rock and roll band for the sake of just that… Rock and Roll. In my review of their sophomore release, I wrote:

“Once again, Rock and Roll raises it’s head, steps out front with big shoes, glittery screaming guitars, and demands attention. Flipp is a much needed rock and roll enema and their new release is a winning royal flush.”

I still believe every word I wrote and I still believe in this band. I also believe I’ll take the longer road home from the office today, guaranteed to have all the windows down, the roof open, and the music louder than loud. I may even stop by the grocery store too. You never know who you may see in the produce section. I Still Love Rock and Roll. Period.