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a mile of an open heart and a six string

©2011 gary
So much of how I perceive life to be is incredibly sacred. When I witness such an honest outpouring of it, it extends to me the greatest hope.

During my 6AM drive to the office a few weeks ago the expressiveness of a soul captured me. Along the monument of avenues was clearly the openness of a heart. One of pain, one of apology, and one of sincerity. Posted on each street pole for nearly a mile were single-line love notes, each beautifully hand written with a heavy black marker on random neon colored papers. Each were posted at the same height along the heavily traffic route, four to six per block. Without coming across as overly sugar coated, the mile of I love yous was the most sincere and genuine love letter I may have ever read. The sentiment was honest, confessional, joyful, sorrowful, and real. Following three sunrise mornings, random letters began to slowly go missing. By the end of the week, all were gone ....leaving nothing but a memory.

God bless the poets, the songwriters, and every love letter gone unread.