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A Pup Story. One More Time.


It was one year ago today when she and I took a long ride through the country. Just for the sake of one more time. I added several more miles to our usual route and also drove a bit slower, all to add minutes of just one more time. She was weak from her years-long battle with cancer but sat tall with stature and presence as she stared out the open window at every passing tree, signpost, and cloud. Unlike all of our many previous road trips, she took in every moment on that chilly morning. Every one.

We were met by her veterinarian, soon after we slowly drove up the lane to our home.

I cried this morning. Not because today reminds me of a morning drive that we shared a year ago, but because I’m thankful for all of the unselfish strength Pita offered me. Like me, Pita expected order in our home. Her home... and she was dedicated to always keeping her siblings in line. After deciding I wanted to return to school, she sat with me in the quiet light of my home office during long hours and years of study. She had so much patience, helping me through not just one degree, but three. In the midst of those years, she was also the one closest to my side when I decided that sobriety was a necessity for me. She never once wavered. She was always there. Always.

That girl also had an impeccable taste in music, too. Or maybe it was her tolerance for my deep appreciation of the eclectic. We were always listening to music. Classic rock, jazz, cocktail lounge, country, not to mention all of those out of tune nights of guitar practice. She was good with all of it. Every moment. It was our time together, and we shared plenty of it.


I rescued Pita when she was a puppy, just a few weeks old. Her Dumbo sized pointy ears outlined and framed her bright eyes. Those ears pointed straight up to the sky. In time, she would finally grow into those pretty ears. Rescuing her and placing her small round puppy belly on the truck seat on that hot, dusty August afternoon is one of the best things I have ever done.

Life’s path always provides a remarkable way of healing. I recently committed to donating my skills to assist with a non-profit dog rescue organization. This coming weekend, I'm jumping back in my truck to volunteer time and miles for a transportation run to drive a rescued senior pup from a kennel in Georgia to his loving Forever Home in northern Virginia. I have always been a believer in second chances, and I have no doubt, that Pita would graciously approve of this weekend's road trip. One more time.

Keep running, pretty girl. I am.