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adapting with time

snake girl and that guy

snake girl and that guy

I've used an iPad as a consumable device for more than a year. It's great for entertaining me with my music, watching films, staying connected with my numerous email accounts, the office, countless social media interweavings, and the glorious hours of mind numbingness that only the web or reality TV could provide. I'd convinced myself that this tablet device was perfect… just not perfect for me to produce art with.

I'm marking November 17, 2011 as a day for change, a learning curve, and forward momentum. Today's image was fully edited with my iPad, not by pressing pre-made cookie cutter filters, but with hand done dodging, burning, masks, adjustments levels, and layers, just like I do on my MacBook Pro.

I won't give up those tools I've used for years, but I may have added another tool to my toolbox today. I also set the time on my new digital watch today. The same one I've been wearing with the wrong time for nearly three weeks. Sometimes it takes me a little while to adapt.