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black friday with orange and yellow and red

Autumn Falls

Autumn Falls

I saved ten bucks on a $20 pair of gloves at Southern States this morning. That was my contribution to the economy and my big Black Friday score. They came in mighty handy since I spent eight hours afterwards working in the yard. The homestead grounds are completely winterized and in true Black Friday tradition, all of the fallen leaves have gone away.

Continuing my week of giving thanks, I'm thankful for such a gorgeous 70 degree day in November and my lovely leaf assistant. I'm also thankful for big garden rakes, and a pair of tractors, and wheel barrels, and Hanes white t-shirts, and shorts, and classic rock radio, and my funny dogs who loved the idea of me being outside with them all day long. I'm thankful for my Dad who taught me the importance of not being afraid to work really hard, or sweat, or to get dirt under my fingernails. He was right.

I'm about to be really thankful for a hot, hot shower; a cold O'Douls; and a sofa in front of the TV with a remote control. Oh… and a mexican blanket. I'm ecstatically thankful to have done all of my chores today instead of tomorrow. All of this and I saved ten bucks. Damn!