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celebrates a past

A friend left a sentimental posting for the world to read this morning. "Happy Birthday Daddy. I still miss you every day."

I was touched by her two short sentences. They reminded me of my father.

Ironically, I was just thinking of my father yesterday. Becoming lost in thought and the warm autumn sunlight during my drive home, I was reminded of just how much more I wish I knew about Dad. He was a strong man with a big voice, but at the same time gentle and very private. My memories of him are inspiring and personal, but there’s so much more that I wished I could have learned …not from him, but about him. If only he’d have shared or perhaps, …if I had asked. I suppose in a lot of ways, I’m very similar.

After giving it some sincere thought, I replied to my friend’s post. “Remembering celebrates a past.”