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eclectic breakfast

I treated myself to a few of the things that I love most this morning - music and cooking. As a result, my Saturday morning looked a little like this.

Scrambled eggs with tabbouleh and feta folded in and sprinkled with parmesan; crispy turkey bacon; toasted oatmeal bread topped with a friend's delicious homemade lavender peach preserves; a pot of Puerto Rican coffee; and orange juice. Of course an excellent dining experience could never be had without the right ambiance of music, so my turntable soundtrack included Little Feat, Eddie Kendricks, and Cheech and Chong's Los Cochinos. I do my best to keep the peace around our ranch. So yes, I made enough to share with the pups. The world is a happy place.

I'm almost certain if you Google Map "eclecticism", you'll see my house and get directions. See you for dinner.