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farther along than i once was

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My closet and dresser are filled with years of gathered fabrics that I rarely ever wear. I just don't have the time or the place to, but each are on my list of things to one day accomplish. After not wearing one for several years, I purchased a new wristwatch last week. I use to always wear one and not really sure why I quit. I like knowing what time it is at any moment of the day. It's another tool to keep me on pace with my regimented routine.

Ah... routines. My father certainly had his. As a teen I promised myself I'd never fall to such day-to-day mundaneness. Seems as though time and age have both changed that for me. I'm always battling myself to find the time to accomplish even a few items each day that I've penciled in on my ever growing "must do" lists. Maybe what's really happening is that I'm really living someone else's life and theirs is just getting in the way of my living mine. Or even worse, maybe someone else really has mine. If so, I just hope their living it exactly the way that I planned it.

As for today, I can scratch, "post daily blog" from today's list. Enjoy yours.