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I had a visit from UPS yesterday. It was a fabulous day. In addition to the driver and I having a really great conversation about living healthy, family, and attempting to outlive the short lifespan of our "passed away far too young" fathers, he also delivered my new Olympus E-5. My two crazy, life loving pups ran around the yard showing off as the two of us stood in the gravel lane and talked for several minutes. After about five minutes and with more deliveries on his route to make, we brought our talk to a close. I thanked him, shook his hand, and returned the favor by sending him away with a package... a bag of freshly picked tomatoes from my garden.

An hour or so later, I received a phone call from a longtime friend who I hadn't spoken with since her husband's memorial service last year. I'd been thinking about her quite a lot lately and it sounded like she's been moving forward with things pretty well since we last spoke. During our conversation, she asked if I could visit sometime to assist her with some computer issues she's been having. Without even looking at my calendar, I asked if today would work for her. I'll be stopping by to see her on my drive home from the office this afternoon. I may even pack a bag of tomatoes for my visit.

I scouted and reviewed the reports on my new camera for nearly a year before finally making the purchase. It really is a beauty and a phenomenal piece of equipment, but with all of my anticipation of it's arrival, it just wasn't the highlight of my Wednesday. It delights me at how the little things like a brown bag filled with garden picked tomatoes or a jar of homemade pickles can soothe the soul. Combined with a few minutes of genuine, honest conversation and you have something far more valuable than any cardboard box could ever hold. Sincerity is simply golden.