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Good Stuff Through Curiousness


I shared a classroom with more than 100 creatives this semester. We debated, laughed, conversed, and more than a few times confronted our personal comfort zones. They were challenged, inventive, and at times hesitant to share their authentic voice. But when they did, it made the difference.

With the fall semester coming to a close this week, I’ve been reviewing and grading student blogs over the past few days. Stellar stuff, relief, and joy seem to be a constant running sentiment for most of their exit posts. My takeaway is that I am beyond thrilled that we made such a difference in turning the creative light on, or at least engaging it a bit further for so many of our students. Their work is imaginative, inspiring, daring, and personal.

Project 54

Project 54

While writing each of their final critiques, I'm making an effort to take the time to share the love, the celebrations, and the happy dance congratulations for their commitment to developing their own unique and creative voice. They not only developed that voice, but each of them also shared it with their individual flair and creativity to the world.

This semester has been an incredibly motivating ride. What else would you expect from a course titled Curiousness. I easily took as much away from the past four months as they did. Surround yourself with inspiring people. In the end, it matters.

Congratulations to each of my students. You rocked the good stuff.. and good stuff is simply that.