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i drive

© 2011 Gary Garbett

There isn't a time in my life when I haven't had a passion for automobiles. As a young boy, I'd often place my hand out the window as my father was driving. Then by shifting the angle of my hand ever so slightly,  it would glide and slice through the air up and down while I made loud motoring sounds with my mouth. A few years later, I received my learner's permit and a big dose of independence. That day was thrilling.

The first car I ever owned had an AM radio with a single speaker mounted under the dash. It was fabulous. My next car had an 8-track tape player with big chrome buttons. Again, fabulous. Today I listen to quite a bit of public radio. I've always been strongly adamant about placing bumper stickers on my vehicles. Seems that time, age, or life have an unusual way of changing things. I've broken down and now sport a small, white Apple sticker in the lower left corner of my back window. Damn.

Time has changed alot of things, but I'm really not much different than that kid who drove around with my Dad. I'm looking forward to my drive home from the office later today. A few years may have passed since I made those loud motoring sounds, but I think today I may have to do it again, just before Led Zeppelin's D'yer M'ker is added to my westbound soundtrack. Once again... fabulous.