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Incognito ©2013 Gary Garbett

Incognito ©2013 Gary Garbett

I've been incredibly fortunate to be lots of things in my life. Unquestionably, one of those things I'm most proud of was the younger version of myself as a youthful, dedicated, full on, wrap my world around it Dad. In my children’s bright young eyes, they made me feel like I was their superhero. In reality however, I was just a man, doing my best, with what I had at being Daddy.

With the kids well into their young adult lives now, those days have long passed. I still remember them though, even if I didn't get the chance to wear a cool cape or fancy boots. Those years were the most inspiring, creative, and loving times of my life. Super powers aren't just for comic book heroes.

Live life. It gives far more back when you do.

Liner Notes: A big thank you to my good friend Matt for tripping the shutter on this image.