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Yesterday I met one of the richest persons I've ever known.

Douglas Moody is the shoeshine man at the Richmond International Airport. There were few travelers in the terminal as I passed by his stand in the afternoon, but his smile was welcoming and better yet, real. I was compelled to stop... just to say hello. The two of us chatted and laughed for a moment. His words were genuine and in between bites of his Almond Joy, he offered me his $7 shine for $5. He explained it as his "slow day" special. I wasn't really interested in shining my old Dr. Martens, but I knew at that price, the time with Mr. Moody would be worth every dollar. How could I possibly go wrong?

He gave my old docs one hell of a shine, but his tale about how to be a good man and an honest person really polished my soul. He was also quick to offer repeatedly just how much he loved his wife. His baseball cap pretty much said it all. Man of Faith.

As he finished shining my shoes, he wrapped up his story. Another customer then walked up and waited for a shine. Saturday was getting just a little bit busier for Mr. Moody and just as he had minutes earlier, he welcomed it all with his sincere smile. I handed him a $10 bill, told him to keep it, and thanked him for the special.

You're a rich soul, Mr. Douglas Moody. For a small $10 investment, I walked away a little richer myself, ...and with shiny shoes. Thank you again.