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order of something else

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Today’s barely begun and it’s already been a journey. Aftersleeping in until nearly 7AM, which I never do, I jumped from the bed and rushed to the marina with hope of catching thesunrise. And all before a cup of coffee, breakfast, or even a toothbrush. There’dbe time for that after spending a few minutes on the water with my cameras,waiting for the sun to peek overtop of the trees along the lakefront. Thismorning wasn’t to be that day though. The light cloud cover diffused themorning light. Something else was in order. As I sat along the shoreline, thestillness of the water was interrupted by the synchronized swimming of sixducks. Back and forth they swam before finally making their land entrance 20 yards from where I sat. They soon, unlike me, beganenjoying their breakfast along the bank.

After returning to the cabin, the sunlight made an incredibleentrance on the day while I enjoyed breakfast, several cups of coffee, and finallymy toothbrush. There was no music or television, just the sunlight making long shadows across the room as the chirping chorus of crickets and songbirds created the soundtrack. The day was amazingly glorious.

After speaking with a Ranger this morning, I've decided to follow the lead and head out on a fieldtrip with my camerasand a winding roadtrip to Paint Back, Virginia, just east of the West Virginiaborder. Life is about now and according to my wristwatch, I'm running a little behind.