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shake, rattle, and rock and roll

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For the first time in my half century of living, I experienced the earth physically move by her own will yesterday. All by herself, she quivered and rattled everything around me as I sat in cubicle 3-02R on the third floor. Like everyone around me, I paused everything I was working on, then quickly grabbed my camera and computer bags and made my way down the stairwell and out of the building. Within minutes of the movement, I read posts of a 5.8 magnitude earthquake reported on Twitter.

Upon arriving home two hours after the quake, just 20 miles from the epicenter, all appeared fine with exception to the hanging artwork throughout the house which had shifted and a few cupboard and cabinet doors had flung open. Our dogs and cats, who always greet us happily when we arrive, were very vocal, frantic, and far happier than normal to see us. Aftershocks of 2.8, 2.2, and 4.2 followed.

I discovered the greatest casualty this morning as I walked into my studio. My vintage G.I. Joes, Ace Frehley, and Paul Stanley dolls were sprawled on the floor, six to eight feet from the place they usually perch while watching and guarding the studio. The horror and senselessness was moving, much like yesterday afternoon.