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super bowl. super fork. cheers for the home team!

I don't normally wait until Super Bowl Sunday to create flavorful foods. It just happened that I was in the kitchen cooking on the same day as the big game. Imagine that. We've been told for years in order to live, you must eat. I do what I can to fulfill all the above. 

© 2011 Gary Garbett

Now I suppose the homemade guacamole may have been some subliminal throwback to a festive Super Bowl party tailgating past, but I even kicked that up a bit with diced sweet Vidalia onion, diced black olives, and thinly sliced grape tomatoes. This year though guac had a much bigger challenge to face than just being an appetizer. It was also was asked to take on the role of our green vegetable for the pre-kickoff meal. With my pseudo Mexican inspired menu, everything aside from the guac had a monotone yellow palette. Yellow just taste good. Period.

Our green vegetable did a fantastic job and was the perfect side for the refried beans, and home fried potatoes with green peppers, onion, and chopped chicken. And for the main course, I prepared two baking dishes of delicious baked flounder filets with sautéed mushrooms, Vidalia onions, tomatoes, and served with an olive oil, lime, basil, and white wine sauce. Just before serving, each plate was topped with a small splash of salsa and shaved Parmesan. A glass of white wine, a bottle of dark amber Odoul's, and tortillas completed our super Sunday roster. Kickoff, bon appétit, and yum! It was that damn good. 

Football season is now officially over. Fortunately for us, we have post-game leftovers. Looks like we may be having a night of fish tacos with all the fixins. Damn!