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taking a spin with george harrison

©2011 gary

Music centers me. From the time I was a little boy, it always has. I get lost in it and it simply finds my soul. I've had my share of music devices over the years from numerous record players, a lime green portable AM radio with a thin plastic wrist strap, chrome retractable antenna, and a single mono ear plug, several 8-track and cassette tape decks - both portable and stereophonic stand alones, a Sony Walkman, cd players, an iPod and other digital media players. The one that got me started around 1964 was a box unit Beanie and Cecil record player. I then started collecting 45's from the time I was about five or six years old. By the time I was nine, I was serious about my music and began buying albums, partly because of the art as well as the music. A few of my firsts were Led Zeppelin III, Credence Clearwater Revival - Cosmos Factory, The Guess Who - Canned Wheat, and The Osmonds self titled. Yes, the Osmonds.

My appreciation of vinyl albums continues and I try to make it a point to listen to a few each night. I love the artwork and packaging. I love reading the liner notes. And I love hearing the depth and richness of the analog sound as the reflection from the grooves dance on the turntable. It's been nearly 50 years since Santa brought me that Beany and Cecil box and the love it opened up for me continues. Record albums define who I am. They've been my best friends for a long, long time.

Last night I enjoyed time with Cat Stevens - Teaser and the Firecat, Santana - Abraxas, and George Harrison - Thirty Three & 1/3. Seems fitting.