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truths of a late night

©2011 gary

Being truthful demands persistence. It sits rightthere next to credibility. Honesty. It’s a willingness to act on what you meanby also relaying the information as factual. Truth. My second grade historybook told me of George Washington becoming president because of his truthfulnature. Makes me wonder if he'd lied about that cherry tree gig if we'd have adifferent face on our one-dollar bill.

Confessions are rewarding and like Mr. Washington, I too cannot tell a lie.Late, late last night I spent just a few minutes standing all by myself at thekitchen counter with a spoon in one hand and a pint of Ben and Jerry's in theother. No chair. No television playing in the background, just the florescentlight and myself as the rain made its presence on the kitchen window. The clockread 2:11 while I slowly and carefully guided the spoon along the edge if the containerfor another pass. As a man on a regimented diet and Zocor, I wasn't really being unfaithful. Iwas simply being truthful to Ben and Jerry's Late Night Snack packaging. I also happened to be on vacation. The clock ticked. I held my ground and the container before going in for onefinal pass before heading to a pillow and a nap.

I like telling the truth. It helps to tell my story rather than telling someone else's.