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Winter Survival

I have a list of favorite things that wrap themself around my life. Even after deleting a few of those faves from my youthful years, my list still stretches longer than I can reach.

Following last night’s wintery weather, I spent today’s lovely Saturday morning with a few of my listed items. Each of these faves played a big part in preparing my breakfast feast of egg, bacon, and mozzarella on thick cut fresh baked whole wheat bread; arugula, spinach, and avocado salad with balsamic and parmesan; navel oranges; and steaming pot of freshly ground java all accompanied by a soundtrack of Grover Washington, jr. arrangements.

It’s important to note that these are in no particular order of preference since each carries about the same weight of goodness in winter survival… or for any day.

  • cameras of various kinds

  • a spinning turntable

  • aromas from the kitchen

  • snow

  • hot coffee

  • warm socks

  • deli cheese

  • fresh produce

  • obedient pups (who also scored breakfast eggs for their good behavior)

  • bacon

  • more coffee

  • a record collection of 43 years

  • a flickering fireplace

  • me time

  • love of life