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New Year’s eve

New Year’s eve

Twelve months ago I wanted to be challenged creatively every day. It didn't matter if the inspiration was for five minutes or extended five days. From that idea, this daily photo blog was born on January 1. I committed to it. Not only was I dedicated to the process; it was equally important that I share it with the world. Every… single… day.

The daily promise I made to myself was for one year. Today marks day three hundred sixty-five.

Over the year, my cameras and I became best friends, opening my eyes to the world probably more than they’d ever been before. I saw average things that had gone unnoticed for years and I saw remarkable things that I’ll never see again. I met new friends, greeted the mornings, and anxiously looked forward to tomorrows. Surprisingly, I learned a great deal about myself by documenting each day. The images I took became diary entries, my words a road map.

After three hundred sixty-five days, A Passing Glimpse went from seven views on January 1, 2010 to over 13,000 visitors as of last night. Those numbers pale in the corporate world, but for a guy that just wanted to share a new photo every day, I’ll take it. I’ve stood behind my cameras to capture more than 30,000 images using three different cameras. Some of them will never see the light of day, but a few are keepers. It’s interesting to look over a year’s worth of images. They take me back and remind me. They celebrate moments, days, and light.

Upon stepping into 2012 tomorrow, I don’t plan to do much different than I did this year. I’ll continue unfolding my creative path. I don’t have much choice with that. It’s what I do. New Years always invite new direction and with this post, today fulfills the creative promise I made to myself one year ago. I love how this blog has become such a healthy retreat for me. As I look toward 2012, A Passing Glimpse will continue to be the home for my images and my thoughts… just not on a daily basis. Bookmark this blog, share it with a friend, and follow me on my Gary Garbett Art + Photography page for all of my creative updates. Happy New Year.

And yes, I promise to still be creative. Every… single… day.