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restoring yesterdays

restoring yesterday

restoring yesterday

Today was one of those kinds of days. It was beyond fabulous and the weather even more so, especially for late December. I spent my entire day working on the restoration of the 1944 dinette table I gave Karen for Christmas. After eight hours, everything on the table had been totally disassembled including every screw. Following hours of elbow grease, steel wool, vinegar, oil, and sunshine most of the chrome was restored and reflecting its original beauty. I still have a bit more to do, but with a little luck and tomorrow’s weather looking even better than today, there's a chance that we’ll celebrate New Years Day with dinner on our new dinette set.

This full cleansing project seemed relevant with today being my two-year anniversary of personal cleansing and sobriety. Last year this date marked an achievement, a celebration, and a hurdle all wrapped into one. I certainly wouldn’t dilute any of those. December 30, 2010 was more than life changing for me. It was reaffirming for me to re-read my post from last year.

Today however seemed more normal. It was a day balanced with fond memories of my making such a life decision and confession two years ago. I know that I’m a better man for having made that decision. Perhaps not better at math, but certainly far better overall.

As usual I drank my share of coffee today and listened to hours of classic rock while restoring that old table. At one point I stopped to take another sip of java and heard the Who sing out “The Kids Are Alright”. They just might be right.