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a promised reprise

lights on in apt 317
©2011 gary

The next few days promise me a reprise from my regular routine. What I’ll be doing with the freedom of a clockwork schedule isn’t quite sure. There’s been an interest recently to obtain a few things in my life, some of which certainly seem a bit out of the norm. Whether they’re a flashback to days past, curiosities, or another stab at defining the make-up that makes me original is unclear. Nor are these quests a prerequisite to follow my path. Then again, maybe they are. Whatever the case, my potential future may very well involve a mood ring, an acoustic guitar, and a sock monkey.

Looking at the list, it makes me lean much more to the original theory than anything else. Beyond these goals, plenty of coffee, faded blue jeans, a bag of cameras, an occasional pair of shoes, and mess of damn fine music will make up the bulk of a week.

Every day I thank God for a lot of things. I think I’ll add relaxation to the list.