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dependent on independence and cookies

©2011 gary
As I've become older, my day to day has become busier, yet simple and my value of time is more precious than ever before. Days have never been long enough, though I make a daily effort to achieve the almighty time management balance with a far too long to-do list. This isn't a new discovery, just the facts of my independent, over achiever; need to be better than yesterday character.

My dogs are independent as well. Sort of. At least until I wake up and greet them in the morning, or when I walk in from my day at the office when they happily welcome me home, or until they hop into the truck for a ride through the countryside to the landfill, or until they become my dedicated kitchen helpers. They also have a tendency to loosen their independent nature just after letting them out before I call it a day and head to bed for a few hours of sleep. After doing their business, they rush back in from the star filled darkness and the chirping of crickets as I close and lock the door behind them. Sitting patiently near their cookie jar, side by side, they wait for my goodnight talk followed by their regimented peanut butter biscuit.

Independence has its moments and I bask in them often. At other times my independence seems to include others. This happens to make it not nearly so busy or even independent. The balance is welcomed.