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big hurricane and a little camera

A Sandy Olympus ©2012 Gary Garbett

A Sandy Olympus ©2012 Gary Garbett

Hurricane Sandy and a Camera: I've been looking for an #Olympus OM series camera for a while. This one is gorgeous. The package arrived today, five days after the auction closed. Everything, including a second lens and a flash was extremely well packaged and securely boxed. You never really know just what you may get from an online auction until the package actually arrives. I won the auction for this 1979 OM-2n on Sunday evening and paid for it immediately. In less than 24 hours from the time I submitted payment, Hurricane Sandy would make a devastating attack of the Northeast, pummeling New York and New Jersey.

Ben, the seller of the camera, lives in Staten Island, NY. After watching the fallout that Sandy left behind, my excitement for a camera was quickly replaced by an honest concern for a community and for Ben. I've read the stories, seen the photos, and watched the news. The horror is simply that. Horror. I'd ruled out any possibility of ever receiving the package and to be quite honest, was perfectly fine with that. The price of a camera was unimportant. I just hoped that Ben and his family were safe.

I returned home this afternoon after running several errands to find a package waiting for me. It was sitting on my stoop in the warmth of the sunshine. The return address read Staten Island and the postmark was October 29, 2012, the very day that Sandy made landfall. I was shocked. Knowing that this little camera came from an area of such devastation just a few days ago and now it's new home is in the calm of autumn a few hundred miles south is nearly unimaginable.

A person's character speaks greater words than any that ever come from their mouth. On Monday, just hours before Sandy's arrival, I'm sure that Ben had far more important things to do than worry about getting a package in the mail. Once again, character speaks volumes. My thoughts and prayers go out to Ben and all those affected by this disaster. Please let me know if I can do anything to help.

Peace and goodness to all.

A Sandy Olympus ©2012 Gary Garbett

A Sandy Olympus ©2012 Gary Garbett