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world saving in three days

Well into the chapters of my 50's, I welcomed the challenges that came with my continued life-learning path and enrollment into another Graduate program. Crossing those flashing broad yellow lines of Business and Engineering have certainly intrigued, and sometimes bewildered, my left brain's creative soul. I brought to our multi-disciplinary cohort however, those things that are inherently me. What else would I bring?

Turning the corner on December and now into the final days of my first full time semester in years, while also working full time, I'm spending plenty of hours listening to classical music while preparing for each of my final presentations. Without question, I'm also mentally preparing for that upcoming post semester block of "me" time. Before diving into those days of vinyl records, classic cinema, studios filled with cameras, easels, and restoring another 1975 Polaroid SX-70, I have a few tasks to complete first.

My world saving calendar will be extremely busy over the next 10 days. I'll be the guy resurrecting and saving a 140 plus year old brand with my $10 million marketing and advertising plan. Once that fire's put out, I'll spend the following day unraveling and correcting worldwide water filtration issues, while at the same time reversing global utrification concerns. Day three of my world saving agenda will commence after a nap of three or four hours. Then with my travel mug filled with a microwaved serving of day old coffee and a diagonally cut peanut butter sandwich, I’ll remedy aging at home problems while juggling a world class and masterful biomimicry solution, complete with hand crafted sock puppets and cardboard props.

Welcome Business and Engineering folk, you've now entered my world, one with an endless supply of dull blunt scissors, masking tape, and ripe imagination. Wipe your feet, buckle up, and keep all arms inside the car. You're now in the Creative Zone.