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13 is lucky, y'all

Without creating an exhaustive list of spectacular days, loving people, fab experiences, life rich opportunities, or unforgettable moments, I'll just say that each of those from my path in 2012 certainly left a personal creative mark on my soul. I spend far more days with a camera or two at my side than not, if for no other reason than to document where I've been. Those days are important because they also share with me where I need to go. Over the past 365 days, I captured thousands and thousands of images. Most were ordinary places, regular people, and all perfectly real life.

Two years ago today I began this blog specifically as a one year commitment for daily photo postings. Doing so forced me to be creative and strengthened my skills with my tools, but far more important, it taught me to open my eyes.

As I turn the corner on the New Year, I'm committing myself once again to at least one photo-a-day posting. These posts will assist me as I prepare my Graduate School thesis concentrating on innovative and experimental processes in film, instant, and digital photographic mediums.

13 is a lucky, ya’ll. Follow along.