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cadence and remembrance

My son and I made our annual Virginia Tech run this weekend for our father and son football weekend. As we do every year, Saturday began early with a three and a half hour road trip to Blacksburg. Filled with hours of great music, laughs, and good conversation, those hours never seem quite as long as they actually are.

Our pre-game morning included our ritual of charcoal grilled fine dining, various sides, salsa, and numerous cold beverages. We do it right every year and I wouldn't trade these days for the world. Prior to what ended up being one of the finest college football games I've ever seen, the Marching Virginians emotionally thrilled us with their high-energy and spirited cadence just outside of Lane Stadium. Saturday may have qualified us as officially having lived the dream.

We make this trek once a year and every one includes a story from past years. Next year and those that follow will certainly include tales from yesterday. I doubt we could have made the day's sun-fueled spirit any better. You can bet though, we’ll do our best to add a chapter or two next year.

As night fell and we walked past the memorial in front of Burress Hall, the reality of the day was remembered in more ways than just tailgates, scoreboards, or drumlines. The day, just like every day, was a gift.