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bearing down with the tools

I've come a really long way since my youth, but I'll never claim to be the most intelligent book in the library. If I were a book though, I'd probably be found somewhere between 640 Home Economics and Family Living and 788 Other Final Products and Packaging. There's plenty of other stellar stuff in between those bookends as well including Beverage Technology; Numismatics and Sigillography; Human Figures and Their Parts; and Wind Instruments (Aerophones). I'm sure I've dabbled in all of these at some point during my "this is my life" roadtrip.

Tools. I can't express just how thankful I am for them, especially those that I use everyday like spellcheck. I'm also thrilled and beyond thankful to be creative. It saves me.

Between my tools and my creativeness, this blog post was fully conceptualized, photo processed, written, edited, and the end creative product completed… all while sitting in a conference, listening to an unbelievably tiring speaker, who only spoke with a monotone delivery and kept clicking through one of the most dreadful and long PowerPoint presentations I’ve ever had to sit through.

Death by PowerPoint is not a myth. It is a reality and I became the walking dead. Fortunately, I was resurrected from my zombie state by the sunlight of a Friday afternoon, an autumn drive with the windows down, and a cup of stale coffee.

I dig my tools and my creative ability to be somewhere else when it really, really matters.