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unwrapping 52

Unlike choosing which pair of favorite blue jeans to wear or what album to spin on my turntable, I was never given the opportunity to pick my own birthday. In that sense, it's sort of like a gift that was given to me. My tasks then become unwrapping it, being delighted with what I find inside, and being genuinely thankful for receiving it. It is after all, a gift.

Mom and Dad always taught to share, so I do. I've never met Tom Petty, but he and I share the same birthday. Over the years, he's become one of my music and poetic heroes. Running Down a Dream has become a fave tune that I find myself singing every year on this date. It's become my personal birthday song. I believe in it.

Looking at my dashboard this morning during my early morning commute, I noticed the number 52 staring back at me from the speedometer. Brilliantly perfect.

As they always do, Tom's words filled my thoughts once again while my favorite blue jeans were just that. Favorites… just like my gift.

"Runnin' down a dream, Workin' on a mystery, Goin' wherever it leads, I'm runnin' down a dream"