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Everyone Believes

Believing in Goodness ©2014 Gary Garbett

Believing in Goodness ©2014 Gary Garbett

Everyone believes in something. Pita and I talked about believing before her appointment this morning. Most of it centered on goodness. As you can tell, she had very little interest in having her photo taken before jumping in the truck. She was however more than vocal about jumping into the truck without her two brothers.

I’m always thankful for busy days at the office. Today I was especially thankful. Late this afternoon I finally received the phone call that I’d waited all day for. The surgeon’s voice was filled with optimism as he shared the successful news of Pita’s three-hour cancer surgery. I was overjoyed. She isn’t completely out of danger, but today is far brighter this evening under the moonlight than it was at sunrise. She’s in recovery and resting overnight at the hospital so they can keep a close watch on her. If all goes well, the two of us will be headed home together late tomorrow afternoon. Tom Petty’s Runnin’ Down a Dream may just be our soundtrack.

Everyone believes in something. Some call it prayer; some wishes of goodness, and for others its just some sort of fab juju thing. Whatever it is you believe in and whatever it was you sent Pita’s way in the past few days, I sincerely thank you from the center of my heart. Believing is the greatest gift.

Love and peace and goodness to you all.