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The Morning After

The morning after. ©2014 Gary Garbett

The morning after. ©2014 Gary Garbett

For a Friday night, the crew and I settled in pretty darn early last night. I camped out for the evening on the sofa to keep an eye and ear out for Pita following her return home from cancer surgery. With exception to a 3AM break to go outside and another round of her meds, everyone rested well.

The sunshine woke us to a chilly but beautiful Saturday morning. Pita and the gang celebrated her morning after with a mixture of warm brown rice and baked salmon folded in with their kibble. It was a huge hit. Following breakfast, I began to see a familiar spirit in those eyes that I had not seen in several days.

Recovery is a healer for all of us. Keep sending that love and goodness folks. It’s working.

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