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Growth and Child Games


Opportunities present themselves and provide growth. Growth is knowledge, experience, self-discovery, and eye, heart, and mind opening. Occasionally that opportunity thing requires a late night or two, maybe even three… and often those extended evenings begin as a before the sunrise morning start. Moving in a forward direction is a powerful motivator.

Franklin Terrace

Franklin Terrace

Six years ago today, I began my career at Virginia Commonwealth University. It was an opportunity for me to welcome and explore all of those things above and more. Since that day in 2008, I’ve expanded my skills, my list of influential life changing people, my patience, my love for common everyday moments, and my passion to continually absorb knowledge while graduating with two Master’s degrees from VCU.

Opportunity often reminds me of the children’s game hide and seek. Rare is it that it comes looking for you. It does however love and invite you to take the initiative to search for it.

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