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falling in love on the cheap

©2011 gary
I decided to venture out on a thrift store Doc Marten mission yesterday. I've been skunked for nearly 3 years, but with a few minutes to spare before my dental appointment, I needed to see what I could do to save any rejected soles. Thrift stores have such a character about them. Much like my friends, each one seems to be so different, all with their own brand of quirkiness, faults, and zest. I visited one of my faves. As par for the course, for quite a long time now... zilch. Nothing.

Driving west, I knew I had less than 10 minutes to spare and decided to make a quick stop by one more shop. I parked the truck and hurriedly dashed in. As I walked halfway to the back of the store where all of the men's stuff is stashed, I began hearing angels sing just before seeing it in the distance. Yellow. Soled. Stitching. 
A pair of 8053 Brown Harvest Oxford Docs where just sitting there. Waiting. Just for me. They wanted to be loved and I vaguely remember hearing the sweetness of Diana Ross & Lionel Richie singing the chorus of Endless Love as we both met. Score. Love. Seven bucks. Period.
Two hours later I had clean shiny teeth and with a $2 pair of new laces and forty minutes of focused shoe polishing, I was covered from head to toe in elation. A celebration with cheese and crackers for dinner ensued for my pups and I as my soundtrack of real life kept playing on.  
Life is like that. That's just how it is.