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New Semester Invites New Media

Checkered Past ©2015 Gary Garbett

Checkered Past ©2015 Gary Garbett

Creating a powerful and impactful story or image no longer requires that the photojournalist carry a bag of expensive cameras, lenses, and tripods. Capturing and sharing creative, personal, and engaging stories has changed with the technology of today’s smartphones and handheld devices.

This semester I'm teaching a New Media Photojournalism course at VCU. All student work for the course will be created using mobile media exclusively for capturing and post-processing. Registration for the course is open through August 24, 2015.

By challenging ourselves to step outside of our comfort zone, each of us will uncover new artistic approaches. By layering them, and molding them, we'll make them your own. The result will assist in developing your own unique and personal style.

Being creative requires practice, practice, and even more practice. The return will inspire us all.