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picking life from the vine

©2011 gary

We spent this morning picking tomatoes from our half a dozen or so plants while a pot of freshly brewed coffee waited on us. Despite the soaring heat and very little rain this summer, our plants have been exceptionally fruitful over the past month. With the lack of Mother Nature's moisture however, our cucumbers haven't done nearly as well. Perhaps that's about to change since I finally picked one today.

I love the color that the freshly washed colanders of tomatoes add to my kitchen. With the morning harvest, I wanted to prepare a pasta and fresh tomato dish for dinner this evening. I enjoy the way life has its way of surprising us. Ask and you shall receive. While enjoying my second cup of coffee, I read my friend Tim's blog. His post for the day was just what I was looking for, Bombolini Pasta. Perfect! Along with a fresh green salad using our lone cucumber, halved cherry tomatoes, diced pears, crumbled feta, and a splash of balsamic vinaigrette, we may have a date night meal in the making.

Check in with Tim and his E.A.T blog regularly. He offers great ideas; great tastes, and is one incredibly inspiring man in the kitchen. Cheers to ripening life. Go pick yours.