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I can't recall the last time I had Thai food. Tonight was the night to correct my memory. After my share of garden salads and ripened tomatoes topping nearly everything I've prepared at home for several weeks, with exception to my morning bran and banana, another dinner option was a welcoming treat. Our dishes of Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao were damn fine. No, wait. They were really damn fine. Dessert was served a few hours later. I had Steely Dan spinning on my turntable and a resting bottle of Odoul's Amber sweating on my desk, just inches from my laptop.

We also had new furniture delivered earlier today, making this as grand a day as Christmas... minus those embarrassing bad gift moments or any electronic caroling plastic nativity scenes. The soft, comfortable matching leather sofa and sitting chair make the entire room smell like forty brand new pairs of Doc Marten's and the catcher's mit I had when I was a kid. That leather glove always smelled so good. Probably because I hardly ever used it. None of my sketch books, records, or transistor radios ever smelled as good as that old mit, but I also didn't need another person to enjoy them either.
Steely Dan asks, "Where did you get those shoes?" If anyone ever asked me, I'd have to tell them the truth. Thrift store... three bucks! With all the money I've saved over the years, someday I'll be able to afford to furnish our house with fancy furniture and dine at some of the finest restaurants in town.

Now seems like the perfect time to flip the record over, drop the needle on side two, and wipe up the sweat from that gorgeous brown bottle.